View Full Version : How to get in touch with PeterPan/Smee

04-20-2004, 01:19
I just PM'ed them from here using the Private Message component of whiteblaze....the UQ totaled $175.00........

04-26-2004, 13:49
I PM'd PeterPan about a week ago and haven't heard anything. Did they get back to you quickly? Is there any other way to get a hold of them (like email)?


SGT Rock
04-26-2004, 14:10
e-mail. If you go to PeterPan's profile there will be a link t e-mail him. I just got an e-mail from him yesterday and he was just returning from a hike.

04-26-2004, 14:21
Thanks SGT!

I'm glad your back, man.

I've read most of your site and your information has been very helpful. I made some of your stoves, etc.

I bought an Arc Alpinist this spring (been working lots of OT). I took it out last weekend. Very nice and light. I have the .8 oz version and it weighs 16oz!

Your notes about your Back country blanket helped me decide if I would rather have a blanket (I would have made the blanket, I think).

SGT Rock
04-26-2004, 15:04
You're welcome. I wish I had an Arc Alpinist to try out. My wife says it costs too much. Hungry Howie's modifications he mentioned to his quilt sound very much like an Arc-Alpinist.

04-26-2004, 16:16
I was considering making Howie's quilt, which is almost the exact same thing. But I've been working so much, I don't have time to make it. And the materials would have still cost around $120-150.

I find the thought of wrestling down daunting. I made some gear, but the down just seems like a major hassle.

And with all of my working, I decided that:

1) I didn't have time to make it
2) I had enough money to splurge on it
3) My birthday was coming up
4) I didn't owe as much money to the IRS as I had estimated

So Happy Birthday to me!

04-26-2004, 22:25
Just recieved an e-mail from Tom at Nunatak....my Arc Edge was cut today, so within a week may see it.
I'm thinking it may save me 10oz off the Alpinist (I say may save because my measured dimensions for the quilt are different and will weigh more but unknown how much over the 12oz advertized weight).
Since I always carry a WM Flight or now the Montbell Thermwrap Jacket with the Edge and the jacket I should be good to 32-35 (also wearing Smartwool tights)...if tricked by mother nature in a bad weigh I could go to ground with the SmeePan UQ as added insulation.
If you guys are interested I will post details on the Arc Edge after its arrival.