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01-09-2009, 00:36
I'm looking at getting a new 2 wall tent for this 3 season of 09 .... I've been looking around alittle but there's so many options i think i've yet to find ... Ya always go back to the MSR hubba hubba but i know better's come out since ...

The thing is, Your a tall person ... 6'4" ... you want a really light 2 person tent for the extra elbow/gear room ... i learned i don't like smaller "All ya need for a night to night" kinda tent .. i feel closed in, and if weather gets nasty .. i wanna beable to move around alittle ... BUT i wanna keep weight to the minimum .... Any suggestions?

To understand what i mean, i currently own the eureka apollo "Zeus" 2 ... Its ok on space, little cramped even for a 2 person but its got a crappy vestibule and the single wall construction keeps me way too warm in the summer months ... doesn't let air pass thro very well ... Also condinsation is bad when it rains and the front vestibule needs to be zipped cause the front door is all mesh ... i've had to adapt a rain tarp over the front to keep the door's open .. it helps, but eh ... Its income tax time, i got the money and i don't wanna cheap out on my tent ... i sleep in it nightly .. i don't sleep in shelters ... and if weather comes a knocking, i want to beable to sit it out in comfort ...

01-09-2009, 01:53
REI Quarterdome T3

Feral Bill
01-09-2009, 17:41
I expect most tests in that price range would be mountaineering tents:too heavy.

There are many nice 2 person tents below that price. See your nearest outfitter.

I like the SD Clip Flashlight for one big person, or two smaller.

01-09-2009, 18:16
Yeah, I like Tarptents but that is not what the OP asked...
Maybe a BA Seedhouse 3, under 4 lbs,90"L,46" H, 51-73"W, about $270. Or the BA Emerald Mountain SL2, about 4.5 lbs, 42' H,90" L,42-52" W, $350. (6" longer and a couple of inches taller than the HH)

01-09-2009, 18:25
On my thru attempt, i will indeed be getting a 1 person minimum shelter, being a tarptent, or other all ya need tent ...

For my weekend trips, and untill my thru i do prefer carrying a heavier tent simply because i don't like feeling cramped, i'm a big guy who doesn't mind carrying a few extra pounds on his tent cause i don't sleep in shelters ... "once in a blue moon" ... I want a nice roomy 2 person, 2 wall for 3 season use ... something with like a full mesh interior with a fly when weather turns rough .... 4 to 5 lbs for something i can have a wrestling match in is worth its weight to me ... I'm still going over options, i need to get up to campmor i hear they have alot of tents setup for quick viewing ... That outta help .... Has anyone heard of anything about the new tents coming out by MSR ? ... or the mo-room tent by them ? ... i'm gonna go check out the BA options ...

01-09-2009, 18:35
Like this guy here ...


2 person, 3 lbs 14 ounces trail weight .. 2lbs 13 ounces minimum ...

hmmm... its currently $499 tho ... =/

01-09-2009, 20:07
if you're looking for a 2 wall, 2 person, 3 season, 5lb tent then you shouldn't have any trouble finding a number of choices for <$200

Wise Old Owl
01-09-2009, 20:45
Tough call there has to be a side by side test chart in the last gear mag. your height is the real issue, I suspect its rare that you would get caught in a huge downpour, but if you did, most tents will not let you sit up and that would be a huge issue to you. Any chance we can discuss a large tarp and a hammock? I have a look for the chart. in the mean time.

01-09-2009, 20:45
Yeah, i'm doing alot of searching around ... i could care less if it was $100 tent ... i'm just asking ... Thats my ideal tent i'd like right now ... my single wall 2 person is ok on size i guess ... but its way too hot and the vestibule is just about useless ...

Its a toss up between a few tents ... i kinda like -

But like i said, i got alot of searching to do till next month rolls around ... getting a new sleeping bag too but already have that settled on.

Making a tent decision seems to beat me up ... i like size, but i don't wanna carry an 7 lb tent either .... its gotta be tall enough for me sit up in and change clothes and have enough room for my 6'4 body to move around with my gear "in vestibule or tent" ... Large doors would be nice too as i'm wide shouldered and easy to get in an out without pretending to be a gymnist ... Just haven't had a tent stand out to me yet.

01-09-2009, 20:50
Aww owl .. i didn't see your post before i posted again ....

I'd love to discuss hammocks, but not right now ... i've settled on a madcat tarp with a clarks jungle hammock ... BUT ...

This season i have alot of trips planed out of my home state, the main one being erwin tn to marion va ... As while i'm sure there's plenty of areas for hanging i wanted to stick with the ground dwelling atleast another season .. I'm giving my current tent to my brother and want to replace it with a nice airy 2 wall ...

I've read that trip cross' alot of bald mountains and would like to camp on the ridge for sunrise and sunset's .... so i really wanna take a tent this trip ... i'll buy the hammock/tarp in a few months when i get back to PA ... =]

Wise Old Owl
01-09-2009, 21:38
Ok found one chart -

I apologize I don't seem to have the gear guide from last year handy


Oh this stood out!


Don't forget Go lite Nest

Super UL bring hiking poles... Like the price ....


Johnny Thunder
01-10-2009, 00:19
Check the Big Agnes Copper Spur UL...it's a 2 person tent based on the same tent body dimensions as the two person Seedhouse but it is different in two ways...

First, it is slightly lower in price than the Encyclopedia Galactica


Second, it has the words "Don't Panic" written in large letters on the back cover.

OK, but for real...the Copper Spur has two vestibules and two entries. Meaning, both cohabitants enter by sitting into their own side...can take off their boots on their own side...and enter/exit the tent without crawling all over their partner.

01-10-2009, 04:38
One side entrance for 2 people is a PITA, that is why the Hubba Hubba and the Bibler Ahwahnee acquired the extra door after the first run, however the OP is just after a large tent for himself. But this made me think of the Tarptent Scarp, long and wide enough for the OP, it even has two vestibule and entrances ( not common on a single shelter...) but the max height (39") could be just short of ideal .
http://www.tarptent.com/scarp1.html (http://www.tarptent.com/scarp1.html)

01-10-2009, 12:10
I have the BA Copper Spur UL3. Its a great tent. Very light for its size.
It is by no means 90" long though, my 6'6 sized bag brushes the top and bottom of the tent. Out of any tent I've tried Tarp Tents are true to their size. If I was hiking solo, I would look at a hammock.

01-10-2009, 16:12
Yeah, i've been looking quite often at options and the real downside is not being able to sit up and lay out straight ... 7.5 feet long, 90 inches ... a 4.5 wide "not critical" but 43 inch, or 3.6 foot high roof ... 2 doors, or 1 ... i'd really like a 2 wall for open air ... That tarptent cloudburst 2 is allright, but not what i was lookin for ...

I'm starting to think about a hammock, and just groundcloth/tarp with my hiking poles when on a bald or around no tree's ...

Pacific Tortuga
01-10-2009, 16:38

I met the owner and his tents at the ADZPCTKO 08. I would go with him, he said, "shipping and availability of products has been solved from 2007 season".
Try checking them out.

01-10-2009, 17:45
Not what I'd consider a backpacking tent, but the MSR Mutha hubba hp is very roomy and is a little lighter than the original mutha hubba


01-10-2009, 18:12
yeah, bit overboard for just me ... I'm digging the evo 2P from big skys so far ... its abit short, only 7 feet ... but its got everything else i'd want ... and the weights just fine ... height is good ... might just need to sleep alittle sideways ... i do sleep on my side often enough and curl the legs ... got a few more weeks to search and find my perfect tent ... lol ...

01-10-2009, 18:41
See PM regarding Big Sky.

01-10-2009, 18:46
Thanks for bringing that to my attention ...

Pacific Tortuga
01-10-2009, 18:49
Bob Molen is the owner of Big Sky.

If you would like to e-mail him, bobmolan@bigskyinternational.com or
call at (888)535-7085

Egads, if you have inside info good or other please share it with all of us.

I have not bought one yet ??????????? Thanks

01-10-2009, 20:11
There have been issues in the past with Big Sky in the past:

Other people reported that may have been cleared up...

01-10-2009, 20:21
Per PT's request - My PM for all to see

http://www.whiteblaze.net/forum/images/icons/icon1.gif big sky
buy with credit card, no deposit, have patience and you should be ok

01-10-2009, 23:37
Starting to lean towards


7.5 feet long, 42 inch height which is right on ... i don't need the 2 doors but eh .. its a bonus i guess ... i also like the vestibule option to addon for 14 ounces ... its already alittle heavy, but i won't notice the difference from the other tent i carry ... I could drop the tarp for the vestibule weight if i wanted.

01-11-2009, 07:39
BA makes nice tents. My BA SL-3 is my wife's favorite tent as long as I haul it.

01-13-2009, 15:55
I'll save you a couple hundred bucks and recommend the Alps Mountaineering Zephyr 2.0 or 3.0. http://www.alpsmountaineering.com/ALPSMountaineeringZephyr.htm

I have the Zephyr 1.0 and it is excellent quality, the price is not indicative of the attention to detail from the manufacturer.

You are welcome and I will gladly accept 50% of your savings as a finder's fee,

01-13-2009, 16:04
I'll save you a couple hundred bucks and recommend the Alps Mountaineering Zephyr 2.0 or 3.0. http://www.alpsmountaineering.com/ALPSMountaineeringZephyr.htm

I have the Zephyr 1.0 and it is excellent quality, the price is not indicative of the attention to detail from the manufacturer.

You are welcome and I will gladly accept 50% of your savings as a finder's fee,


01-13-2009, 17:54
I'm your size and find the Big Agnes Seedhouse SL 2 (http://www.bigagnes.com/str_tents.php?bid=8) to be all the shelter I need. :cool:

01-13-2009, 18:10
This might be worth a look. Huge, easy setup, and light. Of course you have to buy the tent "body" and "fly" separately.

01-13-2009, 18:31
Have you tried this nifty tool, the Spadout tent finder. Beware, its addicting.


01-13-2009, 18:31
Another possibility?