View Full Version : Ride to Baxter - End June/First July

01-11-2009, 14:14
Due to some changes in my plans, mostly because I can't wait any longer to thru hike, I decided to SOBO starting June 30 or July 1st. I'm actually going to be coming off of a family vacation and will be flying to Maine from San Juan Puerto Rico on the 28th of June. The only flights I can find arive in Bangor, Maine at midnight on the 28th or early afternoon on the 29th. Then comes the adventure of getting to Baxter. From what I can tell, I'm going to have to take several different modes of transportation to get to where I'm heading. SO, I was wondering if anyone was going to be driving up to Baxter around that time (June 29th - 30th) that I could hitch a ride with. That would make things a lot easier.

And ...

If not, does anyone know about what time the shuttles (AT Lodge, Maine Quest Adventures, etc.) get to Baxter in the mornings? Is it early enough to climb Katahdin that same day?

I know you can't really plan your hike but I at least wanted to get the first couple of days, or at least how I'm getting started locked down. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

01-11-2009, 14:34
The early afternoon flight into Bangor should give you plenty of time to meet the CYR bus that takes you to Medway. Its only 11 bucks. Try looking at flight coming to Portland, they are usually much cheaper and more frequent. If you can find a cheap flight to Boston its still pretty easy to get to Maine by bus or train and bus. North of Bangor thumbing a ride is as easy as it gets so you can also go that route.

The AT lodge makes a morning run to Baxter in their package deal. Its early enough to make it up and down Katahdin.

01-11-2009, 17:09
Yeah I thought about just showing up and hitching. Just never done it before. But by what I read I guess I better get used to it for the trail.

01-22-2009, 18:54
Have arrangements made with the Appalachian Trail Lodge to stay overnight on the 29th and then to be shuttled to Baxter and summit on the 30th. So if anyone else is planning on staying, I'm looking forward to seeing you up there.