View Full Version : parting ways waypoint

01-12-2009, 21:15
my husband will be starting the trail with me in April, but will be headed back after a few days while i continue on. Neels Gap seems to be a good place to part ways, but am wondering if there is a more convenient stop where he can find services to take him back to the airport, etc.

Lone Wolf
01-12-2009, 21:17
neel gap is good. arrange with the hiker hostel for a shuttle

01-13-2009, 08:18
Hiker Hostel: www.hikerhostel.com (http://www.hikerhostel.com)

Stick with parting at Neels Gap (Hiker Hostel 'pluralizes' it!), $28 shuttle.

papa john
01-13-2009, 08:34
He could also get off there at Woody Gap and have hikerhostel pick him up there.