View Full Version : fox gap,p.a. / rt.191 parking?

01-13-2009, 16:37
Hi, Is there a parking lot here @ the trailhead? Any info. on how safe it is? Thanks, Stillbill

01-13-2009, 16:44
there is room for a few cars. safe? you take your chances.....how long are you planning to leave your car?

01-13-2009, 19:14
Hi, Probably just for the day. I hiked from DWG PA. to Kirkridge Shelter and turned back. Daylight was a concern. Thinking about starting another time @Fox Gap for day hike. Thanks, Stillbill

01-13-2009, 21:40
Yes, I use this lot frequently. It is at the top of the pass. Lot is on the right if you are coming from DWG. Parking for about 6 cars max. I have never seen any broken glass or signs of vandalism there - There are usually a few cars there on weekends.

Caution it is a blind pullout, being that the crest of the ridge on 191 is just to the north of you, and cars sometimes come flying over the hill.
The shelter is less than a half mile in, Though the very short hike 3 minutes further to the overlook cannot be beat. Kirkridge water is shut off for the season.

01-14-2009, 15:44
plenty of snow for water, i would imagine