View Full Version : K-Bear, Checking in from the trail

Mike Drinkuth
04-24-2004, 07:19
Just wanted to say good morning from Standing Bear Hostel! This place is super! Just finished the smokies yesterday and now on to damascus in time for trail days. My thru hike is going really well! My body is in great shape and my spirits are soaring!!! The people on the trail are the best kind of people anywhere. I owe thanks to this forum and my whiteblaze patch is sewn to my pack along with my partner's. Thanks to smoky mtn steve for giving my buddy D-Bone a ride into Gatlinburg last week (thanks buddy) I made it thru the smokies without a drop of rain...AMAZING! Thanks to everyone who's given me rides also, and all the other trail magic also (today the magic is at browns gap I hear...hehe) Well gotta get packed up and make my miles for today! Luck and Love to all!
-K-Bear & pepe

Brushy Sage
04-24-2004, 10:04
You Go, Guys! I hope you brought a camera -- the trillium are beautiful along your route.