View Full Version : Pecks corner and water

04-26-2004, 17:13
The water source that is just southbound of the trail to Pecks Corner is dry as of this weekend, which means that if you want water, you'll have to haul down to the shelter, and then further down for water. In between Pecks and Tricorner the few springs were very, very bad, and mostly appeared as wet spots on the trail, rather than viable water sources. You will need to haul enough water from Icewater to get you to Tricorner!

04-27-2004, 09:05
My brother (on a thru) has only had 5 days with some rain since 3/28 (plus few nights, but those don't count). All 6 days in the Smokies it was 70F+ and sunny.

Is this going to be a "dry year"?

Though it looks like he might have gotten hammered yesterday/last night near Hot Springs.