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01-20-2009, 18:18
Does anyone know anything about how to approach Wetmore Gap from the east? I want to divide the section from VT 73 & US 4 into two dayhikes. I see no access from the east mentioned in the Long Trail guide (only the New Boston Trail from the west). However, looking at the DeLorme atlas, I see Trail #97 coming up from the community of Michigan. What kind of trail is this? Can I use it in the summer (this is when I will be tackling this section of the LT)? What is the parking availability for 3 cars in Michigan? Can I park there legally? If this is not recommended is there any other route that I could utilize to approach the LT in the middle of this section from the east. I also see a conceivable route from the end of Tozier Hill Road along the north bank of Townsend Brook to the LT above North Pond. If I was hiking southbound what would I look for to make a left onto this route? Is it feasible to shorten this access by driving to the end of Townsend Brook Road and then ford Townsend Brook. Another possibility is Green Road and is Green Road in the LT Guide the same as South Pond Road in the DeLorme atlas? If there are any locals from Pittsfield/Stockbridge, VT out there with specific knowledge of this area please get back to me.

01-21-2009, 22:04
I am not looking at the LT Guide but I know that the Chittenden Brook Trail intersects with the LT from the east. The junction is perhaps a mile south of Sunrise Shelter and north of Bloodroot Gap so that may not be far enough south of 73 for you. There is a campground at the east end of the trail and is reachable on a road off of 73 just east of Brandon Gap.

I have hiked this section (between Routes 4 and 73) in both directions, overnighting at Rolston Rest Shelter both times. I recall a drive-able east-west dirt road immediately north of the Rolston Rest Shelter but I am not sure of access.