View Full Version : How do you like to hike?

04-28-2004, 16:08
After I'm asked about carrying a gun, bear attacks and snake bites, one of the questions I'm asked the most by non-hikers is, "Do you go alone or with others?" (I believe it's the safety in numbers logic.) But, it got me to thinking about how I enjoy hiking and how others enjoy hiking.

As for me, I think I enjoy hiking solo the most. It's the "hike your own hike" thing. But, I have to admit I really do enjoy the company of other hikers at camp in the evenings.

I see lots solo hikers, couples and many large and small groups on the trail. So my question is, "How do you like to hike most?"

1. Solo
2. With a friend.
3. With a small group, 2 or 3.
4. With a larger group, 4 or more.
5. Doesn't matter, enjoy all the above.

04-28-2004, 16:18
At this stage of my life I enjoy hiking with my family. My father, my son and if we can ever get our schedules worked out my brother. Dad is 67 and I want to spend as much time with him on the trail (and anywhere else for that matter) as I can. My son is 14 and I know all too soon he will spread his wings and fly, so like with my Dad every chance I get I'll take. I am in the Army and in the past 18 years I have been gone more than around so the days together on the trail with my family are precious to me.


04-28-2004, 16:25
Without restrictions. Solo usually works well, but I've found a person or two who I can hike with (i.e, we are usually within a mile or two of each other), sometimes camp with, etc. Hiking with others seems, for me, to work best when we each hike alone. No, I am not trying to make a paradoxical statement here.