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04-30-2004, 14:38
well im off to finish the smokies with jaybird and the model-t crew clingmans to hot springs hope to see some of you out there. it was thru whiteblaze that i met up with jaybird looking for a hiking partner last year and thru him i met model-t and the gang from tenn.not only have i gotten alot of info here i also met 4 great people thanks again troll for this great site its been a real help to me. jigsaw

04-30-2004, 16:02
like "Jigsaw" said...we met on WhiteBlaze last year about this time...when my section-hike partner "TeePee" couldnt make the trip (stinkin' work!)...

i posted an "I NEED A HIKE PARTNER" notice & 2 days later "Jigsaw" contacted me...we emailed a few times, talked on the phone a couple times...we felt like we wouldnt kill each other...(hehehehehehe) & like he said....we've become hikin' buds & friends. So, I'm off tomorrow to the Nashville Int'l Airport to pickup "Jigsaw" & then we head to Clingmans Dome!

Meeting up with "Model-T", "DragonFly" & "TooTall" there.

I, too, hope to meet a few WhiteBlaze folks out there!....if you see us....stop & say "HOWDY!" :D

04-30-2004, 16:52
You fella's stay warm and dry. I did a little jaunt in that section last year around this time. That wind was brutal.

If you see a little old guy out there with a funny hat and a big walking stick and no pack say hello to my dad. It's one of his spots for his daily walk.