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Motor City Rambler
04-30-2004, 21:31
Hey all.
Bobby here.
Labor Day weekend, 2004, Me, Diane (Motor City Ramblers), Babbles (Brooke) and Tired Dogs (Nicki) are meeting in the Whites for 4 days of day hiking, visiting and telling war stories. I'm certain the spouses will be bored to death, even Diane and she did the trail, especially if any one else can make it.
Contact one of us and give us a heads up if you can be there. I think there is still room at the Inn. Nicki is in control of the rooming and I don't have an email for her. But, try Babbles @ [email protected] or me at [email protected]
Hope to hear from a few, it"s been a long time.
See ya