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Littlest Hobo
01-28-2009, 18:10
The recent arrival of the AMC Guide to the Whites in the mail has got me thinking about future trips (little to do but dream now that I'm socked in by the snow).

Anyway, looking for suggestions re: potential weekend backpacking trips in Whites - either loop hikes, or in and outs.

Old Hillwalker
01-29-2009, 12:17

Methinks you will find all you need here^

01-29-2009, 12:33
I, personally, like the hike to Kinsman Pond past Lonesome Lake as an overnighter. Great views on the way up and from the Kinsmen, which you can hike the second day before heading down the way you came or over the Cannonballs and Cannon.
This is opposite Lafayette and the rest of the Franconia Range, which is much more heavily visited.
A hike up Washington via the Dry River Trail is another trip which gives you the feeling that you are in more of a wilderness setting. Camp along the river at one of the shelters or campsites (campsites are higher, and there may be only one shelter left), summit Washington, spend night at "Lake of the CROWDS hut", return same way or down Ammonusuc Ravine trail, or, you could return from the summit and camp near Mt. Isolation for the second night, then make your way back to the Dry River Trail and your car. The crowds tend to stay near the summit of Washington and Lakes hut, and usually come up Tuckerman's Ravine Trail.
On the north side of the Whites, I recommend hiking the AT south from Rte 2 past the Rattle River shelter and staying at the Imp Shelter on the other side of Mt. Moriah.
Then there's the ever popular Mt. Adams. Hike up Lowe's Path to the Log Cabin (mostly enclosed) or past it to Grey Knob Camp, stay there, then hike over Adams, poke around the ridgeline, spend next night at Crag Camp or the Perch, then head on down. This is a very popular hike year-round, meaning there's an extra measure of safety in the winter, especially on weekends. You won't be alone.

01-29-2009, 12:42
The RMC camps on Mt Adams (Crag Camp, Gray Knob and the Perch) are very popular and used as a "base camp" before going up to Adams, Madison and Jeffferson. There are several ways to get up there, the most direct being Lowes path. The oldest continuously mantained trail in the Whites. Also look into "Unknown Pond", which is a very nice place away from the crowds. There are a lot of trails and places to go, some which are very popular and crowed and some which aren't. Brush up on your French, you'll hear a lot of that up here!