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Maine Man
05-03-2004, 09:16
Hi Everyone,

I will be getting on a plane to Georgia from my home state of Maine to attempt a late start thru-hike in a few weeks. While going over the last of my gear I started to get worried about my pack on a flight to Georgia. I realize that my backpack will be packed too tight to be searched and repacked by airline workers, and I also know that due to the amount of bottles and metal in it, it will get searched for sure.

I am wondering if anyone has a solution to this problem. I had thought that packing my bag loosely inside a large box might be a good idea.

Thanks for your help,

Blue Jay
05-03-2004, 09:27
Buy an army surplus duffel bag that your pack can fit into snugly. Make sure it is old and as stained as possible. Put tags on everything and more than one on the pack and duffel. If you have anything new try to make it look old and used. They will make a mess, but if they cannot get the stuff back in the pack they will put it in the duffel. I'd rent a car, planes are just too much of a pain these days.

05-03-2004, 09:32
Maine Man ...I had a similar issue last year when I flew to Altanta from Denver. Plus, I didn't want to carry my stove and some other items that I thought might cause concern.

I packed a box with all the stuff I didn't want to go on the airplane (for various reasons) and sent it to myself in Atlanta (Priority Mail). Made the pack lighter for transport. How are you getting from the airport in Atlanta to the trail head (Springer or Amicolola) ?? Just get a valid mailing address for that destination and put the stuff in the mail.

Worked for me ...and just for the record, I did the same thing at the end of my hike. I packed a box in Millinocket and sent it home. Was able to carry my pack on the airplane.

Hope that helps ...


05-03-2004, 14:03
I agree with Blue Jay, rent a car. I did that from Bangor to Atlanta. National Rent a Car - no drop off charge, unlimited mileage, nobody molesting my pack, hiking clothes all the way and half the cost.


05-03-2004, 16:40
I took the train from Boston to Gainesville. Stetch out and relax.

Just another way to get there.

05-03-2004, 18:43
I flew to Roanoke out of Detroit Metro last October, placing my pack in a duffel and checking it through. I had my tiny butane stove (burner only; I bought a canister in Roanoke) in the pack, but all they did was test the outside for explosives residue. With a duffel, even if they couldn't stuff everything back inside the pack they could at least keep it in the duffel. The trip logistics were quite a bit easier than I expected and a whole lot shorter than a 10+ hour drive to the trailhead.

05-03-2004, 19:10
Maine Man, I am going to UPS everything, including food, pack and rest of the gear to Millinockett for my June SOBO. Cost about 20 bucks. You could do the same. send it to the Hostel in Dahlonega.

05-21-2004, 23:11
I just finished a section of trail from Springer to Damascus. To get my stuff to Georgia I bought a big box from my local U-haul and put my pack, poles and everything else inside (remember no fuel bottles!). I left some clothes outside of my pack (but in the box) to keep everything from shifting around too much. Worked perfectly for me. Then, once you get to Atlanta, just take it all out and fill your pack and chuck the box.

If you're not aware, airlines often won't let you on the plane with hiking poles-- unless you need them to walk, so if you want to carry them onboard you better be limping.

05-23-2004, 10:02
I generally use the Greyhound bus service when doing section hikes if a station is nearby. In the pass, I used Waynesboro, VA (Rockfish Gap), Stroudsburg, PA (Delaware Water Gap), Harrisburg or Carlisle, PA (Call Doyle for shuttle), and Great Barrington, MA. I rarely have problems, although this year, the bus from Great Barrington was an hour and 40 minutes late coming into NYC so I just barely made my connection to Harrisburg.

I never had them search my pack, although they do ask if you have any fuel in the pack. I just say no. (It is not allowed, even on the buses).

Yeah, I know that bus travel is not that desireable, but it gets you there and it is a cheap way to go, especially if you buy the tickets 7 days in advance. If your schedule changes, they will only nail you for a $10 ticket change fee (although, I never had to pay it in the past).

Desert Lobster
05-23-2004, 11:41

How much did it cost to rent that car from Bangor to Atlanta?

Maine Man,

I'm from Machias. Where you from in the great state of Maine?