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02-03-2009, 19:34
My semi-local outfitter just put all of last season's patagonia stuff on sale at 30% off, which compares favorably to a quick froogle search. They've got an impressive amount of stock, have free shipping on orders over $50 (and it's patagonia, so, if you buy anything, it'll be over $50), and I can vouch for there customer service. You can probably find slightly better prices from the out-of-my-garage sites, but I have had good experiences with this company.

The website is moosejaw.com and the direct link to only patagonia sale stuff is http://www.moosejaw.com/moosejaw/shop/SearchResultsDisplay?storeId=10208&catalogId=10000001&langId=-1&searchDisplay=1&cmCat=-10020&searchTerm=patagonia+sale#D=0&tab=p&searchTerm=patagonia%20sale&searchDisplay=1&catalogId=10000001&Nty=1&Nf=prop_Available|GT%200&Ntt=patagonia%20sale&N=0&langId=-1&cmCat=-10020&Nu=prop_WebsphereProductId&Ns=prop_SalePrice|1&storeId=10208&Nr=dim_Catalog:10000001&Ntk=Products&cm_mmc=Mailer-_-Cheetah-_-na-_-Home&ad_id=MAILER


02-03-2009, 21:21
I've ordered from Moosejaw before, they ship quick.