View Full Version : SD Drizone down booties

02-08-2009, 02:10
Anyone have experience with these? I'm thinking about wearing them instead of boots when I sleep. Thanks in advance. Dave

02-08-2009, 18:32
From personal experience:

The regular down booties (sans waterproof shell) are one of my favorite pieces of gear. (interesting, seeing as how I have never used them backpacking and probably never will.) I wear them 100% of the time I'm in my chilly house though. Awesome product, can't say enough about them.

I have used the Drizone material in the form of rain gear and my Assailant 4-season tent, and it is excellent. Extremely breathable, lightweight, very durable for it's weight. Even after the DWR wears off, the outer fabric absorbs almost no water and dries again quickly.

So I don't see any reason why the Drizone version of the down booties wouldn't be an excellent product.

02-11-2009, 00:34
Thanks for the information. I suppose someone is wondering what I meant when I said to sleep in them. I carry a pair of insulated pants and a hooded down parka as spare clothes and have found it easier to sleep in them than a bag. Getting out of my boots and into dry socks is nice but not all that warm to sleep in.

The down booties sound like the answer. guess I'll just have to try them. Thanks again. Dave

02-11-2009, 00:42
i'm thinking about getting these for my sister for her bday. her (and every other woman i know) feet are always cold :D