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02-09-2009, 16:52
Not to compete with Mags' fine PCT hand out....

The PCT FAQ (http://postholer.com/faq.php) has some very detailed info regarding pre-hike planning. Such as permits, bear canister requirements, mailing instructions/resupply mailing addresses for over 50 locations, mountainous snow skills and lots o' other PCT related material.

It's a continual work in progress with contributions by many people. If you have any info you'd like to contribute we'd love to hear it.


02-09-2009, 18:08
Not to compete with Mags' fine PCT hand out....

No competition at all. :) Mine is just that, a hand out. Something Q&D to give in an hour's presentation to get people *started* on PCT planning. The FAQ is very detailed and gives more info. But, it is probably TOO much info for someone who just needs, well the Q&D details. :)

Different tools for different jobs.

In fact, I'll give a quick link to the FAQ right now in my doc. It is a great resource after all...

Great timing..I am out of here at 5am MST tomorrow. :)

02-09-2009, 18:12
"Postholer also has a very detailed FAQ on various PCT topics. While my doc is a good place to start planning, this FAQ, along with Yogi's book, gives many more details http://postholer.com/faq.php" (http://postholer.com/faq.php)

It is done. :)