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05-09-2004, 21:29
Hiker hostel in N. Woodstock, 19.50 pp, right next to the Woodstock Inn and Brew Pub!! And across from the Coffee House...with internet access!

Just found out that Bill Robinson (owner) past away last week :(
Not sure how many hikers had the opportunity to meet this wonderful man, but he will be greatly missed. He always had a story...or two, to tell anytime you walked through his door.

His wife and grandson are keeping the hostel up and running, just the same way Bill did, no changes. I stayed there this past Saturday night, it was sad not to see his smiling face, but great to know that the hostel will still be open just the same way it has been for years.

Great place to stay!!

05-09-2004, 22:50
Thanks for the info Chickety. Definately an experience at that place. Kinda like the Doyle of New England. My memory of Bill was him giving me a shuttle back to Franconia, but dropping me off at the wrong spot. I had to walk a mile to get back to the AT. He was a nice enough guy though, as were the rest of the folks working there.

05-10-2004, 06:20
Chickety, Sunday morning around 7:00 I saw a man and a woman dressed in hiker garb enter the Cascade Coffee house. I think I stared a bit because its early for thru hikers to be in N Woodstock. Could it have been you? Anyways, I live within sight of the Cascade Lodge and was walking to Wayne's Market (good short-term resupply) to buy milk for my Cheerios.

05-10-2004, 15:56
Yep! That was me and Neighbordave!! And you know, I remember someone walking down the street that morning too!
I'll make sure to say hi next time!

We tend to frequent the "N. Woodstock Triangle"
(coffee house, brew pub and Bill's)

neighbor dave
12-20-2004, 07:44
the cascade lodge has been closed. the woodstock inn has purchased it!
i dislike this change,but, it was inevitable.
R.I.P. arthur william robinson a very fine man indeed.
see you when i get there.
best wishes to betty.

neighbor dave
01-20-2011, 17:09
a photo of bill.