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05-10-2004, 22:15
The Berkshire AT Committee is in need of volunteers for weekend trail projects in May, June, and throughout the summer. The schedule is posted at:


The major project in May is extensive bog bridging by the Shay's Rebellion monument in the southern Berkshires. In June we will be tackling construction of a long boardwalk over the Sheffield swamp south of Rt. 7. Both projects are necessitated by the local beaver populations whose work has often put the trail under water. Some of you may have waded these sections last year. Lots of smaller projects are on our schedule (http://www.amcberkshire.org/at/docs/atProjectSchedule_2004.pdf) also in July, August, and September. Please contact the leader listed regarding details. All you New England hikers who want to give back to the trail, please come join us for a day of rewarding work. Keeping the AT in top conditions takes many volunteer hours from many people who care about the trail.

05-17-2004, 21:48
Will check this out, will be there for a few weeks in July so maybe we can give a few days at least:banana

Pencil Pusher
07-20-2004, 22:16
So how about if a hiker happens by and wants to help out with trail maintenance for the day? Sometimes it's better not to ask and just do it, but this is the internet and so I type hypothetically.

08-07-2004, 08:10
Does the Berkshire Chapter paint the blazes? I had a real issue with a few on top of Race Mtn on a less than desirable day, seems that many are facing the sky, and not in view when you are few steps away ( and below ):clap

I'll pay for the paint.

Also, the Tom Leonard Shelter is VERY poorly marked, several hikers missed it SOBO, and one which was hiking "with" going NOBO.