View Full Version : TEHCC Spring Weekend Workdays; Mar21, Apr18, & Apr25

Tennessee Viking
02-13-2009, 00:42
The Tennessee Eastman Hiking & Canoeing Club would like to announce three weekend maintenance outings for Spring '09. These workdates will include area student groups from East Tennessee State University & the Appy State Trail Crew, but hikers are always welcome to join up. Any hikers with previous trail work experience will be appreciated.

March 21 - The worksite will be located around the Cherry Gap area at Unaka Mountain building new trail.

April 18 - The worksite will be located near Yellow Mtn Gap & Stan Murray Shelter in the Roan Highlands building new trail.

April 25 - The worksite will be located back at Cherry Gap at Unaka Mountain building new trail.

Please bring your food & drink, work gloves (some will provided), and proper clothing for digging trail in spring weather.

If you would like to attend these outings, please RSVP 2 weeks prior to the workdate so we can have an accurate logistics for tools and meeting & travel.

To make RSVP arrangements, please PM Tennessee Viking or Mountain Squid. Hikers can also make arrangements with Bob Peoples at Kincora Hostel.