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02-14-2009, 16:28
has anyone ever used a shuttle sevice at journeys end other than rose apple acres, I didnt have good luck with them last yr when I tried to use them.
I cant beleive that there isnt someone out there by now doing shuttles for hikers, it is pretty remote, but people do live up there and they must have cars.

02-14-2009, 17:08
we used 1896 house. Came outta the woods, spent the night at their bed and breakfast, I think it was 30 bucks with big breakfast included and the guy took us to the bus station in the morning.


02-14-2009, 19:36
Did U look in the latest Long Trail Handbook for current shuttle providers? Unless U left Rose Apple under really bad terms how about asking them who else might shuttle up there? And, I think that if U gave enough notice some of the shuttlers further south in Vermont may take U to Journeys End. I think some of it depends from where and when U want to be shuttled. U can get, I'm going to give it an educated guesss here and say, within 35-40 miles of Jouneys End, if U coordinate buses to get as far north as U can using public transportation. I know it doesn't directly answer your question about shuttles, but I left Mt Pelier by bus at 8:30a.m., transferrred to another bus which took me further north, and then I hitched 4 different rides up to Jouneys End. I was hiking by 1 p.m. Lots of helpful outdoorsy types live in Vermont and almost everyone who has been born or living there for a while knows about the Long Trail. They see U hitching w/ a pack near the Long Trail and most of them R going to assume U R hiking the Long Trl. and many of them WILL OFFER U a ride.

02-15-2009, 08:34
Thanks Dogwood,
I didnt leave Rose apple farms on a bad note, we never even made it there,
i had made a reservation at least a month or 2 ahead of time, i was told that when i reached johnson to call and confirm, when i did that they told me they couldnt help us out because they were renovating, that i can understand , but to leave us stranded in the middle of nowhere is pretty friggen low, they could have at least offered to come and give us a ride out but they were very rude about the whole deal,
Therefore i will never call them again and i think they should be taken out of the End to Enders guide, they dont even have a link on there website for the LT anymore so screw them.
on the other hand i know that most people in VT will pick you uo and drive you to wherever you want, i had many rides,
we ended up meeting two hikers that had done the AT the yr before,
(MOM & Windtalker) they were out doing trail magic, we ran into them shortly after we called Rose apple and explained our situation,
They offerd to hang around VT for a few more days and meet us at journeys end and then drive us to berlington so i could catch a ferry back to NY and my buddy could catch a bus back to Mass.
that was so cool of them, we didnt even know them yet, a couple days later we arrived at journeys end and there they were just like they said they would be , and with BEER, we spent the night there and headed out in the morning.
i know im going on and on but thanks for your help, ill keep looking,
im sure by the time i reach journeys end this yr i'll have a ride out.


02-19-2009, 18:49

RoseApple quit doing the B&B which is why they don't have a link on their site but according to Camille as of a few weeks ago, they were still going to do shuttling so they will wind up being in the E to E guide. Sorry you had a bad experience.

You might check in with Rough at www.longtrailpodcasts.com as they do some shuttling but I am not sure to what scope. They live in the Lincoln Gap area I believe. Also, the North Troy Inn and Buon Amici Motel, will pickup and shuttle in hikers but it's probbaly just close range stuff.

There is a new site being developed between myself and the Green Mountain Club that will have E to E information online including some info that doesn't make it into the 2009 guidebook. Stay tuned for the URL it should be coming online early March (depending on the GMC)

02-19-2009, 20:24
I have a friend that lives up that way that may be available for a shuttle. I just emailed him, if I hear back, I'll PM you.

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05-01-2012, 19:38
do you have contact info for this house? When I look it up online I keep finding the 1896 house in Williamstown but none in North Troy

Papa D
05-01-2012, 19:43
I hired Thomas Transport to pick up my merry crew of 6 people at Journey's End Road - they are out of Keene, NH - the driver was right on time and gave us excellent service. Here is the link to their site: