View Full Version : will this fit?

Cast Away
02-14-2009, 22:04
Will a MSR Hubba one person tent, a 20* Campmor down sleeping bag, and a pepsi can alcohol stove/pot be a tight fit for a Granite Gear Vapor Trail pack?

02-14-2009, 22:07
I guess you'd have to stuff it all in and see if it would work for you! :)

hope your hike is awesome!

02-14-2009, 22:19
Yes, these items will fit in the Vapor Trail. I dunno about the exact level of 'fit'... depends on the packed size of the 20 degree sleeping bag.

02-14-2009, 23:36
ummm just those items probably three times over.

Cast Away
02-14-2009, 23:46
thank you for the responses. Yes obviously i would be carying clothes,food,water and essentials. I just didn't know if it was more suited for a tarp or hammock which I don't want.

02-14-2009, 23:55
I have a GG Vapor Trail but I don't have the other gear but I think you should be fine. The collar on the V Trail will hold a lot. Try to find a roll top silnylon dry bag like the Sea to Summit that will hold your Campmor bag that is slightly longer than the bottom of the pack is wide. You stuff the bag and roll the top, insert it lengthwise and push the top of the bag down so that it sits crossways at the bottom of the pack. I have no idea how long your tent poles are but they may carry better in a long skinny sack on the outside of the pack with the bottom tucked in the VT's elastic side pocket. Make sure it is dummy corded in place though.