View Full Version : Suggestions for ultralight rain gear

02-16-2009, 16:37
I am going on a @700 mile hike this Summer in what will generally be exceptionally dry desert country.

I'm looking for rain jacket, as light as possible, that won't break the bank and will last for the duration of my trip, even when used frequently as a windbreaker.

I have my old Frogg Toggs Pro-Action which I was thinking of using, but have also been eyeing up the much lighter 'DriDucks Micropore' suit on BPL, as well as the Rainshield 02 jacket which weighs in at an attractive 5.5 oz. I am also wondering about the material of the Driducks. Is it like the regular Frogg Toggs material but without the outer layer?

Suggestions, comments, first hand experience?

02-16-2009, 18:14
I got the driducks set from BPL, and then later realized that you can get the exact same set from someplace like Dick's Sporting Goods (maybe even WalMart?) for about 4 bucks less, and minus shipping.

The material is extremely lightweight and seems pretty flimsy, I haven't worn them yet. People on wb have mostly said they hold up fine for occasional cloudbursts.

02-16-2009, 18:27
If you're thinking about the AZT, especially the burn areas around Four Peaks, forget the Frogg Toggs! The cactus and acacia will tear the heck out of it in no time. Look at the cheap Red Ledge stuff, maybe--heavier but durable.

02-16-2009, 18:33
umbrella? Not me but hey you never know.

02-16-2009, 23:22
If it's dry country where you don't anticipate much rain --- but want a good backup "just in case", consider a poncho-tarp. As both "tent" (shelter) and raingear.
Add a light, hoodless unlined windshirt.

A cheap yet fairly light poncho can be had via Campmor, if I recall correctly. I don't know about inexpensive windshirts. If the need is infrequent, just cut head and armholes in a black trashbag (I used one of those for a windshirt for quite some time last year).

Bottom line for me is that in country where rain is rare, I don't want to pay a very high weight penalty to be prepared for it.

02-16-2009, 23:55
Another vote for a silnylon poncho but if it is really windy you'll look like a clipper ship.

02-17-2009, 00:00
Another suggestion: the Packa (www.thepacka.com (http://www.thepacka.com)) 11 oz. at about $115.00. I hated to pay the money ... but I got exhausted taking off and put back on rain gear all day long.

02-17-2009, 01:03
dude if it's the desert and you expect only a day or 2 of rain i'd just carry a simple emergency poncho from kmart. 99 cents and lower weight and bulk than any jacket