View Full Version : Large weird looking font problem

02-17-2009, 14:56
I did something to my computer (don't know what), and now the fonts on this site (just WB, not other sites seen from this computer) look really weirdly big instead of how they used to look, or how they look on WB when I use another computer even after signing in.

How do I make the weird big fonts go away? This computer has Firefox if it matters.

mister krabs
02-17-2009, 15:02
try ctrl -- that's the control key and minus key at the same time

02-17-2009, 15:44
It worked!! Thanks!!!

02-17-2009, 17:24
huh....you learn something new every day!

02-17-2009, 17:57
and control zero returns it to normal (if you're like me and need the control plus a lot and never sure which one is normal again)