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05-12-2004, 20:21
When you use a hammock for your sleep "system" does it end up lighter or heavier than if you go with a tent? I'm trying to figure out whether there are weight advantages to hammacking rather than just lifestyle advantages. And I keep reading about quilts and underpads and space blankets and old sleeping bags. It all starts to sound VEEEERY heavy.

05-12-2004, 20:30
You are quite correct. A cold weather hammock setup can get a bit heavy compared to a "modern" lightweight tent like TarpTents, Europa II or just a tarp.

It is really more about comfort. If you can sleep find on the ground, go with a tent.

I'm currently working on a means to provide better comfort for myself on the ground just for this reason.

As far as I know the lightest hammock setup has to be www.imrisk.com (http://www.imrisk.com) homemade setup.

05-12-2004, 21:50
For me to be comfortable on the ground it meant two thermarest pads or one that was 2.5-3in thick, and even then there is still a big difference between hammock bliss and comfort enough to sleep.
There are some out there that wont like hammocking, that it isnt comfortable hanging out, or some subliminal fear of falling/entrapment/whatever.
I can just say this, after a major day on the trail (for me that is big mileage greater than 16mile/day and/or big big climbs of 2500-3500feet) the next day after sleeping in the hammock has negated the previous day.
I was doubtful too and have 7 or 8 tents and as many different pads.
There is no doubt that a 10oz tarp and a 6oz pad and a 12oz quilt wins hands down on weight, it will be Armaggedon when a hammock approaches that. You alone have to decide the comfort/weight ratio.

05-12-2004, 22:13
Carry what you want but know that COMPLETE three season hammock rigs need not weigh over 4 lbs total.

My three season rig:
Hennessy extreme lt racer (less the stock tarp,plus tree huggers) 13 oz
8x8 tarp of 0.9 oz silnyl 11 oz
0.8 oz ripstop w/800ct down No Sniveling top quilt 15 oz
0.8 oz ripstop w/ 800 ct down Nest underquilt 16.5 oz
4.5" diameter snake skins 4 oz
2 Ti stakes 0.3 oz
Total 59.8 oz or 3.75 lbs

It all goes in the snake skins, except the 2 Ti stakes,and packs as a 7x7x12 plug in the bottom of my pack.

Late summer is less. Return to the stock fly and leave the Nest behind substituting a custom mylar nest/reflector (3.5 oz). Total then is 35.8 oz or less than 2.25 lbs.

I doubt that there are any tenters and possibly not even any ground sleeping tarpers this light. This system will be on display at Trail Days.

05-12-2004, 22:37
In all of these discussions one should eqate systems designed to meet similiar or like conditions. summer systems beat winter in weight and loose in adequate warmth. It is important to determine the conditions you must be prepared to meet.

Personal style is key.... I'm with Medicine man on the comfort and being prepared to give them hel_ the next day.

I also bet no one over 40 is using 10 oz tarp, 6 oz pad and 13 oz quilts. Especially with out some form of ground cloth, pegs, cords, and bug protection, if only a head net.

05-12-2004, 23:56
I use both systems and find that I generally prefer to sleep on the ground. Different strokes...
That said, here's my ground set up:

8 x 10 sil tarp - 14oz (flying diamond set up, tie high point to a tree)
guyline and three(3) ti stakes - 1oz
Homemade bug bivy - 6oz (sil floor, no-see-um top)
Big Agnes insulated air core pad - 24oz
Homemade down quilt (30*F) - 12oz

Very storm worthy and comfy set up for three seasons - 3lb 9oz

That BA pad makes a world of difference.
I'm 48, and I appreciate the comfy pad, in my 20's and 30's I used an 8oz foam pad.