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No Name
02-17-2009, 19:30
My name is Paul Duffey and I am writing you today to ask you a couple questions about your sleeping bag, specially the Ultra 20. I am currently planning out a thru hike of The Eastern Continental Trail. The trail stretches from the northern tip of Newfoundland at Crow Head and goes south all the way to the Southern most point in the US in Key West.
Check out http://adoptamile.webs.com/ for more info! You can also check out my link on Nomads site http://www.nimblewillnomad.com/index.html

The trail breaks down like this:
Traveling Southbound,
Start on the northern coast of Newfoundland & Labrador Canada at Crow Head.
This is the northern most section of the Appalachian Mountains where they first break out of the ocean.
Then you start you hike along Newfoundland’s western coast from north to south.
These trails are still being built and consist of mostly old logging roads and road walks.
Then take a ferry across to Nova Scotia and hike the newest part of the SIA / IAT for 156 miles. I will also be hiking the section of the trail on Prince Edwards Island. This section will become official later this year.
I will be the 1st person to thru hike these sections of the trail. Then it’s 2 train rides to Cape Gaspe in Forillon National Park. Then follow the SIA/IAT through Québec & New Brunswick into Maine and end on the summit of Mt Katahdin. (1,400 Miles)
From Katahdin follow the Appalachian Trail to Springer Mountain in Georgia. (2,155 Miles)
Follow the Benton MacKaye Trail (65 Miles)
Follow the Pinhoti Trail (245 Miles)
Follow the road walk thru Alabama (265 Miles)
Follow the Florida National Scenic Trail (825 Miles)
Follow the Key West Everglades road walk (175 Miles)

A grand total of almost 5,500 miles not including trips into town and other stops.
__________________________________________________ ______________________

I will be the 1st person to complete a Southern thru hike of the ECT when I complete it in July 2010. It will take 13 months to hike the entire Eastern Continental Trail.

02-18-2009, 22:13
I hope to be NB on the IAT starting mid July, I'll be looking for you. Good luck with your trip!

No Name
02-24-2009, 15:47
Thank you! Good luck to both of us!

1/4 moon
09-08-2009, 22:58
Just read this and doubt you will check this anytime soon, but I live right next to Foxboro MA

09-09-2009, 15:58
Just read this and doubt you will check this anytime soon, but I live right next to Foxboro MA

1/4 moon, I started and finished my hike for this year and Paul Duffy started but after a few days left the trail. I have left a message or two for him but he has not responded. Not sure where he is but the spot he was going to carry has showed up on the West Coast. Possibly hiking the PCT?

01-02-2010, 00:35
not to be a jerk or anything like that but a SOBO thru hike of the ect/iat has been done before in 2000-2001. I just want to give credit where credit is due. http://www.svrart.com/ect/. he completed a full thru hike of the ect/iat his site is his trail journal and pictures.

Spirit Walker
01-02-2010, 00:57
There's a Canadian out right now who started in Newfoundland in June and is still hiking south. We met him in Maryland right after Thanksgiving.

Spirit Walker
01-02-2010, 01:00
crl2010 - the journal you linked to follows the trail from Cap Gaspe, not Newfoundland. They have extended the IAT in the past few years, though there is actually very little real trail in Newfoundland yet. It's mostly road walking. Still, when it is finished, the hike will be amazing.

01-02-2010, 14:14
thank you for the correction.

01-02-2010, 17:41
There's a Canadian out right now who started in Newfoundland in June and is still hiking south. We met him in Maryland right after Thanksgiving.

I hiked sobo from Gaspe about 300 km so he should have been south of me by then. I only met one couple nobo, one solo male nobo but never met him only read a couple journal entries. Nobody that I met or indications from journals or those that I talked to along the trail was on a sobo thru.

Did you get a name of this hiker? I can check my journal.

Spirit Walker
01-02-2010, 23:00
Walking Stick - the SOBO's name is Spaz. He's a Quebecois.

01-02-2010, 23:52
He must have been writing in the journals in French if he used the journals at all. The IAT is a great trail but their is a language barrier on that section of the trail.

TANK was nobo the same time but we did not cross paths. I also met Tara and Michael on a nobo hike at a refuge just south of Yvon on Aug 7.

Too bad, would have been nice to have somebody to hike with.

SpAz Mcgee
02-27-2010, 18:42
Hi all!

One of my friend go me here after reading your posts. It seams like you know a little bit of me!

I start my walk on the tip of Cap Gaspé on June 23 going south. My friend Adam and I completed the Qc section in 30 days. Adam got back home and I continued on the IAT towards Springer.

I was writting in the logbooks everytime, in french of course.

I met Tank walking down of Mt Jacques Cartier.
I met Plugger John on top of Mt Jacques Cartier.
Adam met Tara and Micheal while I was somewhere else.

Ohhh! These souvenirs are soooo good!

My first goal was to hike from Cap Gaspé to Springer. But I have changed my plans now and I will hike the full ECT. The idea is to share to the people of Quebec this AWESOME Trail and life in the wood. The plan is to write a book about it, do some presentations and an adventure film. If everything is going good, of course.

I am now in Hotspring, NC. Heading slowly toward KeyWest then I will fly back in the northern part of NewFoundland to walk all those northern sections.

The snow was killing me few weeks ago. I fought against hypothermia and frostburns. Now I am enjoying it like I was in Quebec! Thanks to my new winter gear!

I finally met the first nobo of 2010. Trek was there in begining of Feb, got back home and will be back begining of March. And two other Nobos are waiting for the snow to melt in Erwin.

You can follow my journey over http://unelonguemarche.ca
You can translate the page and the blog using links in the blogs of the web page.

Cheers to Y'all!
be safe, stay warm.


02-27-2010, 22:10
SpAz, too bad I missed you in the IAT

Take care and stay warm

Spirit Walker
02-27-2010, 22:14
Spaz - thanks for checking in. From what we heard when we met you, I figured you'd still be hiking. We may meet you in Georgia. Bonne chance!

02-27-2010, 23:15
Good LUck. I think your going to need it. That would be an awsome achievment if u do it.