View Full Version : Warmth of Mont Bell Inner Jacket Vs Down Vest

02-23-2009, 18:18
I just brought a Mont Bell Inner down jackect. The L is a little tight should have got an XL. I also have a 600 fill down vest with a max loft of about an inch vs the Mont Bell maybe 3/8 of an inch. I know the mount bell would be slightly warmer than a 200 wt fleace. Question is would the vest be warmer that the jackect? I know this is a trough question. Would be best to try both but Don't have the time. Both would most likly be worn over a ss tee shirt with a base layer wt long sleve on top and a wind shirt over that. Than the jackect or vest. If really cold would wear rain jackect over the vest or jacket. Any opinons? I know there be a lot.


Mother's Finest
02-23-2009, 19:15
all i would say is if the one is too small for you it will never work as intended


02-23-2009, 19:29
send the jacket back and get the XL?

Mighty Mouse
02-23-2009, 20:23
I have the MB Down Inner Parka (I like having the hood) and a few down vests. I don't believe any of my down vests are 600 fill. I absolutely LOVE my MB Parka. Since buying it, I've never had to use my heavier thermals. Since you already have the jacket, you can see that its pack volume is nominal. None of my vests pack down this small. I would just order the XL as others have suggested. I don't think you'll regret it.

02-23-2009, 23:16
send the jacket back and get the XL?

Maybe I wasn't clear. If I decide to go with the jackect I get the next size up. The question I am asking is about a much loftier vest vs the jacket for warmth. Has anyone every experimented with both options?

02-23-2009, 23:47
I used the Mont Bell UL Inner down jackect during my thru hike and was warm most nights. If I got cold I got in my sleeping bag. I did not wear the Mont Bell UL Inner down jackect during the day. I also had long underwear at the begining. So I had a long sleeved shirt/long underwear/down jacket/rain coat for at night. During the day just used the shirt and rain coat, and on cold days added the long under wear. I like the jacket VS vest so it would keep my arms warmer. Only carried a short sleeved shirt/Mont Bell UL Inner down jackect from Damascus on. I hope this helped

Dingus Khan
02-24-2009, 21:16
while i have not thru hiked, i have found that vests have lost their purpose for me - not worth the weight savings and unless the armpits are tight you'll lose a lot of core heat with a vest. i'd suggest cutting of a down jacket at the elbows as a good alternative
i have the montbell alpine light and it is BY FAR the best piece of insulating gear i've worn.