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Ramblin' Randy
02-24-2009, 00:48
I am hoping someone can suggest campsites AWAY from shelters in the area between Rockfish Gap and Salt Log Gap. I love the opportunity for more solitude than one generally finds near shelters. Proximity to water isn't a huge issue, but within a half mile or so would be nice.

02-25-2009, 18:05
one of the first sights you hit SOUTH of rockfish, is about two clicks south (uphill) of the paul wolfe shelter. its to your left, sign that says "overlook". its called the glass hollow overlook- a dry campsite. get water before you make that climb at the shelter, mill creek, i believe.
the next off the beaten path site would be south of humpback rocks, theres come cliffs. dry site.
next would be cedar cliffs, about 1/4 down the trail from dripping rock spring. on the BRP. dry site. illegal camping area, but hey, to each his own. ive camped there a couple of times with no problems. advise pitching camp at dusk. campsites there are great. great site for fourth of july, see fireworks in waynesboro and staunton, and every firework far and between.
next site south is a unoticeable right hand turn off for a view. good for hammock.
next site i guess would be south out of reeds gap, on Bee Mtn. ridgeline site. dry site, nice overlook of Love, Va, but right on the trail. and no water, suggest hiking down to Maupin shelter. theres a spring, and a great camping area at the crossroads of the trail and the trail that goes to the shelter. a good distance between the both for ample privacy.
better yet, stock up on water and climb the three ridges and theres a nice nice nice spot at the first great overlook you have. it faces the priest and the tye river valley. its a dry site, but theres room for one, maybe two tents. this is the best campsite for veiws IMO in that section. but remember-its dry.
at that point, you cant blue blaze down the Mau-Har trail, but if you decide to go that way for water, there are a few nice spots on the way down to the AT junction, where the harpers creek shelter is.
next would be the sites along the tye river at its crossing, these sites are right by lightly used VA RT 56. people about all over the place. nice to pitch camp at dusk.
beyond southward, there's the sites on the Priest, Spy rock. this is all my memory is able to produce as of now.
yeah shelters suck: but there are usually nice spots a good distance away, or just randomly along the trail, esp in this section.
hopefully someone else can think of more sites...

have a good hike

Ramblin' Randy
02-26-2009, 11:03
Thanks, Nick, for a wealth of information. I'm very impressed with your memory for details.

02-26-2009, 21:12
South of Nick's area, check out the Mt. Pleasant area. Nice, huge camp spot at the road/parking area there, but often quite a few people too. No water. Also, a beautiful spot atop Cole/Cold Mountain, room for one or two tents, but you are almost on trail itself there. Awesome views at twilight. no water there either.

03-24-2009, 23:21
Is the campsite at Glass Hollow overlook big enough for a couple of tents?

ie: if you get there and there is already someone there, is there going to be room for another tents or tents?

03-30-2009, 00:30
no. just a few at the most