View Full Version : Spring hike and French broad River festival

02-24-2009, 15:29
Sitting here at work and dreaming about my spring hike. I am thinking about Starting at Carvers Gap.(I hiked from Damascus to Carvers Gap last spring) Baltimore Jack recommended this hike to me when I was in the outfitter in Damascus. Thanks Jack great hike, it really gave me the bug. Anyway, I will be starting at Carvers Gap and would like to hike to Hot Springs. I have heard so many good things about Hot Springs and have never been there. I would like to plan my trip so I arrive when the French Broadmusic festival is happening, May 1-3. frenchbroadriverfestival.com. How many miles is this and how long will it take to hike. I typically avg 15 to 20 miles per day. Has any one been to this festival and how is it. I have attended floyd and merlefest for many years and back in the day I used to always hit smilefest. (wildfest, to old for that now). How does this festival compare. Camping out on grounds, number of people, etc. I see my buddy Larry Keel and Natural bridge will be there as well as Acoustic Syndicate will be cranking it up also. So I know the music will be good. How hard is it to get a room at this time in town. Thanks