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05-18-2004, 19:31
how long will it take me to hike all of va..and how many miles per day,also any good places to get busses north

05-19-2004, 15:38
Not to give you a smart answer, but how long it takes to hike Virginia depends on how fast you hike. It's roughly 550 miles

If you bang out the steady miles, it can be done in a month. However, the average person probably averages around 105 miles per week. On that basis, it will take 5 to 6 weeks. And this allows for 5 zero days.

05-21-2004, 22:07

05-23-2004, 18:08
any busses north or transpertation from va .trails

05-25-2004, 03:50
well we're still working on Va, 3 years now! but at least we are getting closer to SNP and a little relief from ones like Apple Orchard and the Priest..I'm having good fantasies about walking in SNP but already having nightmares about the roller coaster.