View Full Version : alec kennedy shelter and atc mid atlantic office

02-27-2009, 14:17
I was thinking about staying at the alec kennedy shelter in 2 weeks and parking near the atc mid atlantic office. Where exactly is the parking and will my car be ok parked there overnight? Has there been any problems at alec kennedy shelter? thanks

02-27-2009, 15:32
See #4 here for parking: http://www.satc-hike.org/BSQA.pdf Just downstream of there is http://www.diakon.org/Youth/Service.asp?ID=24&CountyID=21&CountyName=Cumberland but I suspect if they AWOL they're looking to get further away than the shelter is.

Don H
02-27-2009, 16:15
Write to the ATC office at Boiling Springs. They will mail you a parking pass to park in the lot next to the old iron furnace south just south of town. I've parked there for one week at a time on two occasions without a problem. They will ask you to drop the pass off at the office when you're done.