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Trail Yeti
05-18-2004, 19:57
I talked a lot to James (the guy that owns Sport Kilt) at Trail Days. He was trying to get lots of feedback from hikers on his kilts. He is working on getting some even lighter material to make "hiker specific" kilts and modifying some other things on them to make them more "hiker friendly". He is a really nice guy and sold almost all his wares from his booth at Trail Days. So if you have a sport kilt and didn't go to TD or diddn't see him, he wants your input, so drop him an email.
It was great to see how many hikers have switched to Kilts, there was quite a lot!!!
Life is good, Wear A Kilt!
Also, if you are thinking of buying a sportkilt, be sure to tell them it will be used for hiking as some of the tartans are lighter weight material than others.

05-18-2004, 20:13
So here's the thing (and I know this doesn't address the question) -- what was with the kilts? I wore a skirt (cost a dollar at the Erwin Salvation Army) 'cause it reduced the chaffing (which I don't want to discuss) and it even had pockets! Tremendous! (I only say THAT 'cause "fabulous" sounds too, I don't know, loafer-light)

But this year? I know you want to be "different," but once EVERYONE is doing it, what's the point? Is this the high school version of cool all over again (but without pants)? I'll be curious to see how many of you end up still wearin' 'em when I see you in PA (and I'll buy you a beer if you are). And finally, are you even Scottish? Do you know what a sporran is? And where's yours?('cause it's not just the tilt of your kilt. . .)

Trail Yeti
05-18-2004, 20:43
I don't know about the rest, but I am Scotch Irish, and I've been hiking in a kilt since my thru-hike in 02, and I wore that one from Neels Gap to Katahdin.

05-18-2004, 21:04

Capt Chaos
05-18-2004, 22:07
I really enjoy my kilt. James, which now has the trail name Free Ball, is an awesome guy. He has some cool new ideas that are about to make his business sky rocket even more. I love the kilt from his company and will wear it on the trail. So Jester, have me a Guiness ready when I get up there. :)

Now Jester, I do think the kilt thing is going to be the new fad this year on the trail. When I arrived at Trail Days, I only saw a select few wearing kilts.
Then it was like a storm of them. I am glad that people are enjoying them. I hope it is not just because it is popular. I hope people are getting them because they like the versitility and comfort.

It doesnt matter if your scottish or not. They are comfortable. Jester, maybe you should do your next years Trail Days costume as Braveheart?

Keep it real,
Capt Chaos

05-18-2004, 22:26
Howdy All,

My question is where do I buy a hiking kilt? I already found Utilikilt.com, but all of their kilts are made from cotton, or cotton blends. I am looking for one that is either wool, or synthetic.

Shoe Leather Express
05-19-2004, 00:46
Sport Kilt (http://www.sportkilt.com/)

05-19-2004, 01:20
Thanks. Great Site.

Mr. Clean
05-20-2004, 06:45
Been hiking in the Whites all Spring with mine and can't believe how comfortable it is, in rain, heat, and cold. Easy to do tick checks, too. I also have Scottish/Irish blood, and I'll bet that if anyone goes back far enough that they'd be Scottish also.