View Full Version : Lost stuff at Mt Rogers

03-02-2009, 16:32
During the 3rd annural Mt Rogers hangout with the crowd at Hammock Forums, I seem to have misplaced 2 of my tin whistles.

I have looked & looked, can NOT find my tin whistles anywhere. I had them at the shelter on Friday PM, didn't get them out to play. I have no memory of putting them away. They are both in one "Made to fit" sil nylon stuff sack, purple in color.

I may have just tossed them in the sled, but I don't think so. Initally they were in my day pack, not there now.

Very likely, what I did is: set them down near the front of the shelter, during the day / night they rolled / slid under the shelter.

So, if anyone finds them, if you could let me know so I can stop looking for them I would apreciate it. If they are lost, they are lost, but at least I'll know. I have looked in ALL of my stuff & the wifes car about 20 times each, Prolly will go look again sometime today, in the same places.