View Full Version : conditions in NY

03-03-2009, 14:50
is anyone near the NY AT? Could you give me a synopsis of the conditions up there? Im supposed to begin hiking this friday and want to know if it would be a death sentence or not? :-?

03-03-2009, 16:11
As you know we just had that Nor' Easter come through and drop some late season snow and 20* temps. If we get thawing, you can expect otherwise watch for ice. A recent post showed some vandalism at Wiley shelter.

03-03-2009, 17:43
well i live on LI and it is covered in 12+ in of snow expect/accept this

Tin Man
03-03-2009, 17:53
I am 14 miles from the trail along the NY/CT border. We had 9 inches.

Last saturday, before the storm, I went up to Wiley Shelter to take some pics and the trail was clear, except north facing patches of solid ice. So, now there is snow on the ice and it is likely to be nasty still this weekend. If it were me, I'd postpone.