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Pedaling Fool
03-04-2009, 12:20
American Hiking Society’sCapitol Trails Broadcast

E-Trails Alert for Hikers

October 2005, No. 85

Sign the Citizen’s Petition to Help Protect Our Last Roadless Forests! (http://www.net.org/petition.php?partner=AHS)

On May 5, the Bush administration repealed the widely supported Roadless Area Conservation Rule, opening nearly sixty million acres of America's last wild National Forests to logging, road construction, mining, oil exploration, and other forms of development.

Under the new policy, if governors wish to have roadless areas within their state protected, they must complete a burdensome petition process and file their recommendations with political appointees at the Department of Agriculture. The federal government is free to accept, modify or reject these petitions, while elected officials and citizens outside those states will have no say about the fate of these shared national treasures.

The many ecological benefits of roadless areas — such as large, undisturbed landscapes, improving air and water quality, and preserving habitat for plant and animal species — are all important to hikers and the hiking experience. Roadless areas provide outstanding backcountry recreational opportunities and include thousands of trails across the country.

American Hiking Society and conservationists throughout the country are joining together to file an official petition with the Bush administration to demand the reinstatement of the 2001 rule that limited logging and road-building on nearly sixty million acres of national forests. The petition will be filed under the auspices of the Administrative Procedures Act, which allows citizens to request that the government, issue, amend, or revoke federal rules.

We believe that:

America's last roadless National Forests belong to each and every American and all our remaining roadless areas should be protected, completely and permanently through reinstatement of the Roadless Area Conservation Rule of 2001.

Join the Petition

If you agree with the statement above, please join your fellow Americans and sign the petition TODAY! (http://www.net.org/petition.php?partner=AHS) It's quick, easy, and can help ensure our pristine National Forests remain wild for future generations. A petition with all of the signatures will be presented to President Bush and the Department of Agriculture. Additionally, a copy of the petition will be delivered to your Governor.

Tell Your Friends & Family

We need citizens from every state and all walks of life to sign the petition and join the effort to protect our last wild forests. Please take a moment and forward the petition around and help us generate many more signatures.

Click here to learn more about this issue. (http://www.americanhiking.org/policy/current/roadless.html)

Thank you!
So what ever happened with respect to this issue?