View Full Version : Silkworms/Tentworms

05-20-2004, 23:54
I visited the Zaleski backpacking trail in southern Ohio about a week ago and had a horendous time with tentworms (that's what I know them as, don't know if there's a better name). I've been in hordes of mosquitos and black flies before, but this was absolutely ridiculous! They hung and dropped all over camp and in the middle of the trail, were hard to pick off, and squashed very easily when messed with. Just while hiking we would gain at least a worm a minute on us.

Do NOBOs run into problems or infestations anywhere along the way? I haven't heard any stories yet.

05-21-2004, 00:05
Haven't ever been overwhelmed by tent caterpillars but the gypsy moth caterpillars in Virginia can be gross. You need to keep your cup covered or it will wind up with several poop pills {protien supplement?} in your drink as a flavor enhancer. At times all the poop coming out of the trees sounded like a light rain and the ground appeared as if it was covered with peppercorns.

05-21-2004, 11:42
Hmmm ... protein supplement ... I wonder if GNC has thought of that. There's plenty to go around!

We had the same "light rain" sound you mentioned. If only it had really been rain. :o