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Cabin Fever
03-08-2009, 16:40
Has anyone else seen this show on the Discovery Channel? I DVRed it Friday night when it's first episodes came on. I really like Ax Men so I thought I would give it a shot.

It is a reality show about 7 brothers who run a logging company out of Millinocket, Maine - the Pelletiers. They show pictures of the scenery all the time and of course Big K (Katahdin) always dominates the landscape. I am sure many of the operations they are running are close to the Trail.

I even saw a mention of Appalachian Trail Cafe in the credits.

Overall decent show, but I like Ax Men better. Ax Men and American Loggers are both spin-offs/variations of Deadliest Catch and American Choppers.

03-08-2009, 17:51
Have watched the first 2 episodes on the Discovery channel, airing friday nights at 10 here in the northeast.
Well done i think, the film crew has to live and work along side the loggers all hours of day and mornings (early).
Tough bunch of guys working dangerous jobs and long hours waaaaay back in the Maine woods, mostly Northwest of Mount Katahdin so far.
Last episode showed em double trailering logs @ 60mph on dirt roads. Hard to find drivers to do the dbl trailering thing.
As always, yield to logging trucks, lol.

Check it out: