View Full Version : WIDE feet

05-21-2004, 21:37
I went to the outfitters today to check out the Chacos. I'd been reading about them, and figured I'd see how they felt. After trying to get a size 8 wide on unsuccessfully, I tried the 9 wide. I was able to squeeze into them, and they were long, but my foot was still hanging over both sides. I have a feeling I'd need them in a size 11 wide to fit that way, but I only need a size 8 length. I'd love to go the sandal route. Any help with other options would be highly appreciated. Thanks!

05-24-2004, 10:16
Wow! You must have some seriously wide feet if Chaco's Wides don't fit you. Not sure there are many other choices in the sandal market. Most sandals don't even offer different widths.

You could call Chaco. They mention on their website that custom built models can be made. I'm sure it would cost a bit ($150-$200).

FWIW, I have wide feet (EE) which are nowhere need as wide as yours. The normal width seems to be ok for me. Every now and then, I notice my little toe hanging over the edge a bit. The wide model as just too wide. Felt like my foot was swiming in the sandal.