View Full Version : Kincora and BJ in Adventure?

SGT Rock
05-22-2004, 13:20
There was a copy of National Geographic Adventure Mag at Kinkora that mentioned Kinkora, Bob Peoples, and Baltimore Jack. Does anyone know what edition that is? I went to Barnes and Knoble and it was not the May edition.

The Old Fhart
05-22-2004, 13:41
SGT Rock,
Nice getting to see you at Dot's. Jack had a copy with the article that he was showing us at Billville Saturday the 15th and said Mount Roger's Outfitters had it so I ran there and got a copy right before they closed. After I left I realized I got the May issue and obviously Jack wasn't there. He must have been sent an advanced copy of the June issue.

SGT Rock
05-22-2004, 16:36
Nice getting to see you as well. I was hoping it was June and not a past issue I already missed.