View Full Version : gossamer gear thinlight question

03-10-2009, 23:13
Hello all:

I am thinking about getting a gossamer gear thinlight pad (1/8 inch I think?) for a couple of reasons:

1) I've read good things about them as a lightweight summer option for insulation under the body in hammock camping, and am thinking I could add the pad to my underquilt in the winter for extra warmth (I am kicking my own ass at the moment ;o) i.e., I am currently making an UQ).

2) nine bucks? Can't go wrong.

3) My question is: could I also use this in case I have to go to ground with my girlfriend in the tent? I have a BA air core pad--uninsulated, which is pretty cold--would the 1/8 inch gossamer gear pad do much to warm this pad up? Would a thicker gossamer gear pad do better? Or should I just ditch the uninsulated Big Agnes pad for an insulated one? Anybody had luck with an inflatable pad + GG pad?


03-10-2009, 23:29
I use my all time with my downmat in winter. For me it adds a little warmth and also makes for a less slippy setup. These guys are cheap, light, packable and I guarantee you will find a use for it. Buy one.

Also check out Ed Speers 1/4 foam. You can easily make several pads from one sheet of 40x80 @ $36 (speershammocks.com) You're a hammock guy, you know where it is :)