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05-24-2004, 23:12
I have a HH UL Backpacker ASym and have spent a few nights in it comfortably. If I noticed one thing with the support of the hammock though, it is that I have wondered about the length. I wonder if I might be more comfortable and able to lie "flatter" in a slightly longer version.

I am wondering if anyone has had a chance to compare the HH UL BP'er ASym with the UL Explorer ASym. My understanding is that the Backpacker is for 6' / 200 lbs and under and the Explorer is for 6' / 200 lbs. and up.

I am 6'1" and weigh 195. I wonder if the Explorer might be more comfortable by providing a bit more length.

Anyone, anyone, ..... Bueller, Bueller? :D

Thanks in advance for your time.

05-25-2004, 07:48
Yes, you will be more comfortable with the explorer UL Asym. It is 9 feet between the HH Knots where the Backpacker is 8.5 between the knots. I'm 5-11 and own both the backpacker UL and the Extreme lt racer asym ( also 9 feet between the knots) and there is a world of difference. Size matters, and bigger is better for your height.

PS. If you want to end the cold bottom in luxury, check out the under-quilt thread in hammock camping.

05-25-2004, 22:13
I am close to ordering my first hammock. I've been looking at the HH ultra lite BB vs. the HH ultra lite explorer. I'm 5' 8" and 185 lb but think I might like the extra room for the few extra oz. Is there any thruth to this theory? I might add that I have no near furture plans to thru hike for a while.


06-14-2004, 17:53
I have ordered an Explorer UL ASym. I will post here with comparison information after it arrives.

Hammock Hanger
06-14-2004, 19:10
I have ordered an Explorer UL ASym. I will post here with comparison information after it arrives.

Welcome to the world of "hanging"... Hope you enjoy your new hammock.:clap

Sue/Hammock Hanger

06-28-2004, 11:11
Well, got the Explorer UL ASym in over the past weekend. First Impressions:

The Explorer certainly 'feels' bigger. I perceived that I had more room laterally and quite a bit more length-wise.

I feel I am able to get "flatter" on the ASym offset axis in this version as opposed to the BP UL ASym.

I was not able to spend a great deal of time in the hammock (no more than 30 mins I guess). I will not be spending any nights in it any time soon as it is the stifling summer here in Arkansas (nighttime temps often in upper 70's or 80's with humidity around 70%).

Interesting comparison. I feel it was worth getting the larger version even though I already had the BP. Now, my wife and I can hammock together on hikes!

07-09-2004, 07:46
At age 50, the back just keeps getting stiffer and stiffer in the morning, even with my Big Agnes Air Core pad. So, I'm thinking of getting a hammock, and looking seriously at Hennessey, but willing to consider other manufacturers.

I'm 6' even, 215# - 220#. The Explorer Ultralight Asym is rated at 250 #, over 6 feet. Other models are rated for people up to 6'. Since I'm right on the line height-wise, I'm thinking of going with the larger model. Anything wrong with that?

My wife (who doesn't know she's getting one) is 5' even, 120#. The Cub is rated up to 5'6", 150#. What are you similarly sized women using?

Thanks as always.


07-09-2004, 09:57
My suggestion, having now tried both the Backpacker and Explorer Ultralight ASyms (as discussed above) would DEFINITELY be to go with the Explorer (the larger or the two).

Why? Well, I felt that my main problem with the BP was length in that I felt a bit long for the hammock. The Explorer (as you might expect) solved that problem. However, I don't feel that the Explorer is just a *bit* bigger but rather the perception is that it is MUCH larger. I realize the measurements only make it 6 inches longer (or something like that), but I get the vibe that it is larger than that, relative to the BP. It also feels wider to me. Just the way I see it.

Along the same lines, you might consider the BP for your wife. I'm not sure what the weight difference is between the Cub and the BP and if the BP is heavier, it may not justify itself after all. The extra room might be worth it though.

My wife is 5'2" and about 115 lbs. and I cannot get her out of the BP sometimes. :)

In fairness, I have not ever seen a Cub except on the HH website.

07-09-2004, 11:24
I used the ultralight asym from glasgow va all the way to the big "K". Found it to be very comfortable. I am six feet two and one half inches tall and was weighing from about 205 down to 178 when hiking the trail and sleeping in the hammock. It is plenty long and I found that you actually want to hang the hammock so the foot end is slightly higher than the head. After twenty plus mile days and the rocks in Pa this helped aleviate foot swelling considerably. Play with the set up as you hike and you will find the sweet spot for your body! One note though, seperate the fly from the hammock when you pack it. this allows you to set the hammock up with the snake skins keeping it dry. Place the fly on second and you can eat and cook under it then drop the hammock after all chores are done. Also if you tie a little piece of different color string at each end of the snake skins you will be able to identify head from foot at a glance and any water running down the support ropes during heavy rain will reach the little string and drip harmlessley to the gound instead of running down the line to the hammock body which will end up wet without the strings! Alas I will be hiking tyhe pct next year and sleeping on the ground though.............unless I can convince the girlfriend to sleep in the hammock with me!

07-09-2004, 14:09
OK. The Explorer Ultralight for me, and the Ultralight Backpacker for my wife.

My next question (funny, hammocks were never even on my radar screen until about a week or so ago):

Are snakeskins worth the extra $20? I can't find their weight on Hennessey's web page.

07-09-2004, 14:14
Chris... WARNING....hammocks are addicting...once you sleep in one you may never want to go back to sleeping in anything else (including a bed) I have 4 herniated discs in my upper back and various other busted parts (including a few loose screws in the head :) It takes me awhile to get going in the morning-coffee helps-but the stiffness and pain is so much less after sleeping in a hammock. I am 5ft 2". I own a Hennessey Backpacker and a Speer. Your wife should have no problem with the regular length model of either one of those. If your wife is a cold sleeper she will definitly freeze in a hammock..I would strongly reccommend the purchase of an underquilt if you buy a Hennessey or a Pea Pod if you get a Speer.

07-09-2004, 21:02
Snakes skins are definitely worth the 2 oz. they add to the weight. They replace the bag, allowing you to just roll up the "snake" and wrap the straps around the package that can fit in your pack several ways (e.g., as a block, as a long package across the width of the bag, etc.).

07-10-2004, 15:13
Sorry this seems like 20 Questions, but I'm a total beginner on this subject. I've been reading everything I can find about hammocks, and they almost seem too good to be true. There has to be some downside.

So, here's my next question before I take the plunge: Other than cold weather and places where there are no trees, and assuming I find them comfortable, does anyone have anything negative at all to say about hammocks?

SGT Rock
07-10-2004, 19:44
I sleep too much in them, that would be the only negative I can think of.

07-10-2004, 20:00
I sleep too much in them, that would be the only negative I can think of.

Sold. BTW, Hammock Camping 101 is excellent.

SGT Rock
07-10-2004, 20:08
Thanks ;)

Spam plug - if you want to know more about hammocks and hiking with them: http://hikinghq.net/hammock/hammock.html

07-19-2004, 12:11
My HH Explorer Ultralight came today. Sort of a chocolate brown color, which ought to be pretty stealthy.

Hammock, tree huggers, snakeskins, and stuff sack weigh 2 lb. 3.6 oz. on my Pelouze 1050 postal scale.

I bought a "second" from HH's Odds 'n Ends page and saved $40. Some slight discoloration in one spot, but structurally fine and it has the full warranty.

I was initially planning on ditching the stuff sack because of the snakeskins, but now I'm thinking it might make a decent water bag for camp. Looks like it'll hold at least 3 quarts.

Correction: That weight is without snake skins. I just threw the whole package on the scale without opening it. When I finally did, no snake skins. The nice folks at HH have already dropped them in the mail.

08-16-2004, 01:28
Tom has added a comparison chart of his hammocks at the Hennessey site.