View Full Version : Hurd Corners to Wiley Shelter

03-17-2009, 17:13
I'm planning a weekend hike from Hurd Corners to Wiley Shelter. I'm looking for a tent site at/near Hurd Corners. I plan on arriving Friday evening, staying overnight, hiking up to Wiley on Saturday, staying overnight, then hiking back out on Sunday.

Any suggestions?

Much thanks.

03-17-2009, 22:29
There's no legit and little attractive camping at or near Hurds Corners. Rt. 22 is a busy highway, the corridor is narrow there (which means adjoining neighbors close by) and the first mile or so north is through open fields, some of which are farmed under special use permits or as part of the Pawling Nature Reserve. The top of Hammersly Ridge is swampy. Official policy is camping at designated sites only.

If you have a particular reason for hiking this section, you might consider parking at Hoyt Road (not Duell Hollow Road) and using Wiley both nights, hiking out and back to Hurds Corners.

Mid-Atlantic Regional Office