View Full Version : Issues with Port Clinton Post Office?? Is it going to close??

05-25-2004, 16:26
I have a friend that works for the postal service near Harrisburg PA and he told me that there has been some discussions latley about closing the PORT CLINTON PA Post Office permanantly.

Has anyone heard anything like this??

Recently many mountain town post offices in Pennsylvania have either closed completly (and are just building with PO BOXES in them) or have reduced to limited window hours one or two days a week.

It would be a shame to see this kind of thing happen. I realize that Port Clinton Post Office may not make much money, but that is because the postage for hiker mail is paid at another location.

Who knows what is up??

05-26-2004, 15:30
Twofiddy.. I was just at Vern's (Appalachian Outfitters) on Saturday, May 22.
I mentioned that I will be sending a resupply box to the Port Clinton PO in 3 weeks. He mentioned nothing about the PO closing.

08-15-2004, 21:35
I don't what the answer is here, but if you are really concerned because of a future thru hike, you may go to the USPS website and ask them.