View Full Version : Honover, N.H. Parking and Shuttle

03-19-2009, 20:50
I'm looking for a place in Hanover, NH to park my car for three weeks plus a few days and advice on the best way to get from Hanover to Great Barrington, Mass. I don't mind paying for a parking space though I would like to be reasonably assured of its safety. As for the shuttle, private or common carrier is fine. Last year I think it was Terrapin who suggested we take the bus fron Mass. to DWG via NYC. We loved it. Ideas anyone? Thanks.

sly dog
03-20-2009, 11:01
The only place you have a chance is at the Dartmouth College. They have a outdoor program/club that you have to contact. I cant remember where I got the number from but I had a bad experience trying to park there for a week. When I called I talked to one of the directors and she said I called the right place and I could park in one of their lots, just call her when I got there and leave a note in the car window. Well I got a late start leaving home and I called inroute and she said she will be gone but to contact security, they will be there and just talk to them when I arive. Well I arived and met my shuttle to take me to woodstock VT, called the college and security freaked out on me saying I cant park there. They said "I dont know why you people think you can use our lot" and such stuff. I told them about the director and they still said if I park there they cant promise i wont be towed. They were really a-hole's about it. The girl I had shuttle me told me she would follow me to the hospital so I parked there and had to be shuttled back when I hiked into to Hanover. No where I found in Hanover allows parking for extended periods, not streets,not lots or anything. If you call the college, get the persons name and contact in case security causes you headaches......good luck.

Jack Tarlin
03-23-2009, 14:27
Parking in Dartmouth lots is under the jurisdiction of college Safety and Security Office and not the Outing Club. You can reach Dartmout S&S at (603) 646-4000 for information on long-term parking.