View Full Version : JMT GPS Tracks and Google Earth

Mr. Parkay
03-24-2009, 16:03
Hello All,

I've created a gps track for the John Muir Trail which some of you might find useful.

The GPS track is available for download on my website: parkaymaps (http://parkaymaps.110mb.com/) ... near the top of the page.

The track is available in Google Earth KML format and GPX Format. Plus there's a GPS track for the Mount Whitney Trail (from the Whitney Portal.)

I created the tracks by tracing the exact route as shown on the USGS topo maps, then I corrected that route based on satellite images in a few places. These GPS tracks are probably the most accurate available on the internet.... including the one one on the National Geographic MapXchange website (which I can't seem to locate any more).

I've made an elevation profile too of course... although, I like some of the others online better.

Also, check out the Mount Whitney area using the "terrain" option in Google Earth. It's pretty cool. It looks like this (http://premium.fileden.com/premium/2008/8/25/2065958/whitneyGE.jpg).

03-24-2009, 18:41
Way cool, thanks.


03-31-2009, 11:22
the profile map of the JMT is nice man! Thanks!