View Full Version : Eureka Spitfire Solo

03-25-2009, 19:07
My friend is looking at this tent. Im not to familiar with Eureka so just looking for some feedback. He's basically looking for a decent one man, three season tent, preferably under 4lbs. Any help?

03-25-2009, 19:22
Eureka makes good tents at reasonable prices. I like the Spitfire. It doesn't seem too cramped. It has a good weight/price ratio. It isn't free standing (one reason I went with the more expensive MSR Hubba).

03-25-2009, 19:27
I used this tent before I lightened up. Good, light, durable tent for the money. I still own mine and am reluctant to sell it, even though I don't use it often! If your friend gets this tent, dump the heavy steel stakes first thing. Using four cheap aluminum shepard's hook stakes and a thin sheet of poly for a footprint, the whole shebang comes in at about three pounds dead even. :)

Tipi Walter
03-25-2009, 20:39
This looks like a fairly good solo tent at a good price. Too much mesh? Not for 3 season camping. The interior dimensions are 108x42 inches, but these are tapering dimensions, especially the width, so that your head won't be in an area 42 inches wide. Total square footage is 18 which would be way too small for me, I'd probably go for the heavier Spitfire 2 at nearly 39 sq feet. It reminds me of the old bivy tents of the 1980s, North Face June Bug, etc. Alot taller, though. The main consideration is that your sleeping system stays dry and away from the sides, especially the foot of the bag. The tent's long enough, just wondering about the narrow taper at the end.

03-26-2009, 07:51
I'm 6 foot even and average size (190 #'s). The tent worked nice for me. Shoes and pack lived outside under the canopies. This tent has been discussed lots of times on Whiteblaze...do a search to get more info. :)