View Full Version : Parking on 58, etc.

05-28-2004, 18:59
Does anyone know if there is parking on Highway 58 near summit cut? The guidebook doesn't say there is, and I can't remember.

Also, is there a trash receptacle at Elk Garden?

Thanks in advance.

05-28-2004, 19:15
There is room for about two cars on the north side of the road but I wouldn't want to leave one there overnight. Quite a few people drive by there and it might be too tempting for someone not to leave them alone. There are several locals that provide shuttles and parking if needed. Major climb up Whitetop awaits just north of there. Have a good 'un.

At Elk Garden there is a burried trash can with the lid at ground level about 40 feet south on the AT from Elk Garden parking lot.

Lone Wolf
05-28-2004, 20:54
Patco's info is right on. I'll give you a shuttle if you need it.

05-28-2004, 21:21
Patco's info is right on. I'll give you a shuttle if you need it.

Thanks Patco and L. Wolf. Last minute decided to do this photoshoot thing. Wife and I are going to be hiking short sections, up and back, at different times of the day.

May show up at the shelter early to photograph and hand out breakfast pastries, and maybe some coffee. Is there a good spot to catch the sunrise; I was thinking of Elk Park.

Wish to leave some sodas, candy at Elk Park and was going to leave message for last user to take trash to the can. I may come by and pick it up myself, but all the stuff might not be taken by then. Thought about making it 'dayhikers and section hikers only', but that would be too cruel. ;)

If anyone needs a shuttle anywhere in the Damascus to Grayson area. post or email by tomorrow morn.