View Full Version : Heading out soon

05-29-2004, 21:43
Hey all. I'll be taking a bus on monday morning up to Burlington VT to move into my new apartment at school. On wed I'll take a bus down to Williamstown Mass and hike up the Pine Cobble Trail or AT (haven't decided) up to the Vermont border/southern terminus of the LT, to start my thru-hike. I'm going to be hiking for approximately 17-20 days. I'll be going solo but meeting up with Bluebearee (GAME02) from Sherburne Pass to Lincoln Gap. If you'd like to follow along, I'll be keeping a journal on Trailjournals and posting pics up there when I return.
Hope you all have a great holiday weekend and an enjoyable few weeks, especially as the weather warms and hiking opportunities arise. It is my hope that the gun conversation will be over when I get back :jump

So long Whiteblaze friends

05-29-2004, 23:06
Have a great hike! Take your time and enjoy the trail as there are some very beautiful sections that you haven't experienced yet north of Maine Junction. It should be fun to interact with this years crop of AT thruhikers...it's much different (and kinda funny) when you're not in the group.