View Full Version : North from 19E? Damascus? Wytheville?

04-01-2009, 23:26
On Good Friday I need to drive across the AT around Max Patch, 19E, Damascus, or Wytheville, depending on the route I choose, and I could spend 1/2 day hiking in, 1/2 day hiking out.

I've done the area between 19E and Carver's Gap / Hughes Gap a couple of times, and the Max Patch area once. I'm thinking of heading north from 19E for 1/2 day, camping overnight, then returning, leaving my car at Mountain Harbour. Or possibly working north for another 1/2 day and using the Mountain Harbour shuttle.

Other suggestions? If you had roughly one day for hiking, what would you do? I need to be back in Durham to pick up my girlfriend from the airport on Saturday night ...


Tennessee Viking
04-01-2009, 23:39
Probably the fastest route (more of a downward grade) will be to park at Mountain Harbour, shuttle to Dennis Cove. Hike south and camp at night at Moreland Gap or Bitter End area. Then finish off at 19E

Or do the other direction from 19E, and have Kincora shuttle you. And you can camp at or north of Mountaineer Falls or Bitter End area.

If you do Damascus, you can do TN91 (Lonewolf can shuttle), camp at Ab Gap, then walk into Damascus. Or start at Summit Cut and head back to Damascus.