View Full Version : Best Way to get to Bland?

04-02-2009, 16:06
I'm thinking of starting a SOBO section from Bland the first week of May. What would be the best way to get to the trail from Tri-Cities airport. Anyone live in or around Wytheville? Is there anyone who runs shuttles to/from Bland?


04-02-2009, 17:38
Have you consulted the ATC's shuttle list (http://www.appalachiantrail.org/atf/cf/%7BD25B4747-42A3-4302-8D48-EF35C0B0D9F1%7D/ATShuttleWeb_Feb-4-09.pdf)?

Cabin Fever
04-02-2009, 22:01
Don't use salt! Cue snare drum and cymbal.

Ask Tennessee Viking or Lone Wolf. They may shuttle you. I will be out of town or I might could have done it.