View Full Version : best way to get from Gainesville to the trail?

The Phoenix
04-06-2009, 13:22
Any ideas?:-?

Thanks for any help

The Phoenix

Dances with Mice
04-06-2009, 14:06
GA-60 West.

That's the route the Hiker Hostel (http://www.hikerhostel.com/)would take if you call them for a shuttle.

04-06-2009, 14:06
it would be helpful if you posted your arrival date in Gainesville with approximate time. That way if a WB'er is in or near Gainesville maybe they can help you out.

Or contact the Hiker Hostel for a shuttle.

04-06-2009, 14:21
I'm in Gainesville every single day, well week days anyway. But I don't head up GA60. I'd say call Josh and Leigh at the Hiker Hostel. Good luck!